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Welcome to Floss Bosses
Your Dental Hygienist in Edmonton

Floss Bosses is unique in that it is owned and founded by a dental hygienist, Anitka Helliker, rather than a dentist. This is what sets Floss Bosses apart. We believe in accessibility, integrity, transparency and openness. Our fees are at or below 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide. We provide a warm and welcome, affordable, stress free dental environment.

Floss Bosses is an experience rather than just another teeth cleaning. YOU, the patient, are in charge of your oral health. You are the Floss Boss. Our dental hygienist offer a range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. Services and time are tailored to meet your needs. We always welcome new patients. We are open to serve Edmonton with convenient daytime, evening and weekend appointments.
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Our skilled and experienced dental team, ready to provide you with all of your dental needs.

new patient exam

$99 New Patient Exam.

At Floss Bosses we offer $99 dental exams for new patients. We want to ensure patients are able to prioritize their oral health above fees.

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Lower than the Current Fee Guide.

Dental and teeth cleaning costs are never fun. We provide affordable rates below 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

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Complimentary Teeth Whitening.

New and existing patients are able to receive complimentary teeth whitening treatment. Ask us about this for more details!

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Fees Lower than the Current Fee Guide

Floss Bosses puts an emphasis on providing our patients with the highest quality dental hygiene care at an affordable cost, which is why our clinic follows 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide. If you’re looking for a dental hygiene clinic in Edmonton, we can help! We treat our patients like part of the family.

Patients are able fit receiving dental treatment into their schedules without the worry of costly dental fees. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an upcoming appointment, contact our dental hygiene clinic near you in Edmonton. We can’t wait to meet you and your entire family!

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Individualized Dental Hygiene Care

Feel like just a number at the dentist? Our dental hygiene clinic welcomes new and existing patients with open arms! We understand that each patient is different and may require a personalized approach to receiving dental hygiene and treatment regarding oral health. Our experienced and skilled dental hygiene team is dedicated to provide each patient with a treatment in a friendly and relaxing environment. We go above and beyond hearing out your concerns and answer any questions they may have.

If you have dental anxiety or worries about receiving dental care, Floss Bosses is the right place for you. Contact our dental hygiene clinic in Edmonton today to schedule an appointment.


Why Choose Us!

At Floss Bosses we put our patients first above all else! Our approach to dental care is a patient focused one and caters to oral health needs. Some of the ways we do this is by offering fees lower than the fee guide, dental cleanings starting at $67, and $99 fee for new patient exam ($10 less than the current fee guide). Our dental hygiene clinic is open Saturdays and evenings for the convenience of our patients.

We understand that our patients come with their own set of individual needs and focus on treating our patients with care, offering one clinic a day per month dedicated to our autistic patients! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment contact our Edmonton dental hygiene clinic today!


Spencer WilliamsSpencer Williams
05:50 09 May 24
I had not been to have my teeth cleaned in years. I smoke, and drink coffee, and I was self conscious about my smile. Floss Bosses were amazing! After my second visit, I felt much better about my smile. I found the services painless, the Hygenist was friendly and openly shared their knowledge to help me take better care of my teeth and gums between visits. I would recommend Floss Bosses to anyone looking for help with their smile 😁
Iris EIris E
18:33 07 May 24
I love that this clinic exists! They carry all kinds of goodies like Coco Floss, Curaprox toothbrushes (for half the cost compared to other places), fluoride free toothpaste etc. highly recommend this clinic if you’re looking for a dental hygienist, and to purchase your dental products. They also have an online store.
Ella SuliganElla Suligan
22:16 03 May 24
Rene PiernoRene Pierno
22:26 30 Apr 24
This was a most wonderful experience my hygienist and Fatima was so lovely and caring! 💕💕💕
kathy kulakkathy kulak
18:21 26 Apr 24
WHAT A FANTASTIC CLINIC. Felt they cared more about my health overall than just the bill !!! Explained new Airflow machine and why Biofilm is so harmful. GO TO THIS HYGIENE CLINIC
Lucas SchmaltzLucas Schmaltz
21:43 08 Apr 24
In addition to Antika’s infectious personality, she is clearly very knowledgeable. I felt very safe entering their space and cared for during my appointment. Of the several dental offices I’ve been to, Floss Bosses was absolutely my favourite!
Lindsay DownsLindsay Downs
18:29 03 Apr 24
The staff here are incredibly knowledgeable, kind and friendly - Anitka is an amazing owner and dental hygienist! She answers any questions or concerns I have professionally with no judgement, and walks through each step of the process. You can tell she is passionate about her work and ensuring everyone has the best dental and gum health that they can! Really amazing team, love coming here ❤️
Crystal JonesCrystal Jones
00:57 02 Apr 24
After receiving substand dental hygiene care at a chain dental office, I decided to switch to Floss Boss.I had Meagan who looked after my teeth today. And the care my teeth got was dramatic noticeable.1. I got a head x-ray scan. The last time my dentist office did this was 5 years ago.2. Received fluoride treatment. The previous dental office said it was not covered despite me having both INAC and Alberta Blue Cross.3. For almost a decade the hygienists and dentists at the previous dental office blamed my eroding gum due to not flossing consistently. But Meagan explained that it could be due to past dental trauma or due to over/under bite or myofunctional issue. Not every thing is the patient's doing!4. Previous dental care at chain location consisted of either teeth barely being touched (hygienist too timid) or extreme pain being inflicted on my gum. Sometimes my teeth/gum/jaws would hurt until the next day. But at Floss Boss, Meagan performed care on my teeth without inflicting so much pain. A couple sensitive spots but nothing to write home about. It's been 6-7 hours now and no soreness.5. Modernized dental products seen upfront at the desk. Example cocofloss. I spied mouth wash and will ask about that next visit.6. Photo posted is not of my teeth but to explain how the biofilm works when the hygienist look for plaque. Meagan let me know where to brush and floss better.Being deaf, Meagan used hand gestures to let me know when to open or slightly closed my mouth and unmasked when she needed relay info.15/10 I recommend Floss Boss. 🦷
Nel KwiatkowskaNel Kwiatkowska
05:07 12 Feb 24
Since seeing Anitka I become so motivated to take care of my dental hygiene. Her passion is infectious! She takes the time to explain what's happening in your mouth and what to do about it. Floss Bosses earned my trust and motivated me to take better care of myself by demonstrating that they care more about my health than their bottom line - something I've never experienced in a dentist's office. I highly recommend Floss Bosses, you will love going to see any of the hygienists there they are so awesome!!!
Nadine PonichNadine Ponich
19:16 25 May 23
Anitka is the best Dental Hygienist there is out their!!! She cares about her patients health & wellbeing. You are always greeted by a great BIG smile & someone who has a wealth of knowledge & utilizes the latest technologies. I can't say enough wonderful things about the facility, all the staff & of course the AMAZING Anitka!
Melba AlexanderMelba Alexander
20:56 05 May 23
I have been a patient at Floss Bosses for a couple of years now. Each time I go, Anitka treats my teeth and gums using the most up-to-date advances in dental hygiene (and the most painless, I might add). She knows her stuff and is passionate about her craft and her patients. Go there!!
Colleen PenmanColleen Penman
18:58 06 Apr 23
We had a couple visits with Merry and she was absolutely amazing with my autistic son. Very patient, happy to let him have breaks and chat or wiggle when he needed to. The office was welcoming and quiet which was perfect for him as he can get sensory overload. She gave us a great referrral to have his cavity fixed, which was also a lovely office with patient staff. The only reason we can't stay with Floss Bosses for his ongoing dental care is they charge quite a bit above his AISH dental coverage limits. If you have insurance that will cover their services, then would 100% recommend!Edit: Had a lovely follow up call with Merry, we were billed in error and the office is resolving the issue. Great follow up from them, so appreciative of their efforts on our behalf.
Bruce PetersBruce Peters
18:02 15 Dec 22
Had a great experience at Floss Bosses. Firstly, I found the facility pleasing and inviting. Clinical with a non-clinical feel. I liked the subtle office decor features; unique with obvious practical applications. The personnel were very friendly and engaging. Personally, I felt invited, welcomed and not at all like a 'client'. My hygienist, Meghann was excellent. She was very informative, and exhibited great care and patience. I would recommend Floss Bosses to anyone interested in quality oral hygiene in a more relaxed and professional environment.
C A.C A.
19:49 05 Nov 21
Really enjoyed learning more about improving my dental health. Anitka Helliker is thorough, engaged and a nice person as well. Jovelyn is welcoming and friendly on the phone and in person.