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Dental Exams & X-rays in Edmonton

Dental Exams Near You

Regular dental exams are the best way to identify oral issues. You can learn about oral problems such as tooth decay or gum disease before they become harder — and more expensive — to fix.

Dental exams are recommended twice a year for most individuals but might be needed more frequently if there are serious oral issues. Floss Bosses offers affordable dental exams near you!

dental exams near you

Routine Dental Exam

Some steps are often taken with dental exams. First, you may have to fill out some forms and chat with your dentist about any conditions you have or medications you are taking. Next, you get a mouth exam.


Before getting your X-rays taken, a dentist will examine your teeth, jaw, and gums. X-rays help the dentist spot problems such as tooth decay underneath existing fillings or small areas. Floss Bosses is one of the dental clinics in Edmonton that uses thin phosphorous plates that make X-rays easier for the patient. Also, they minimize your radiation exposure.


The dentist removes tartar that is built up around the gums. Once plaque turns into tartar (which only takes 24 hours), we are unable to remove the bacteria with a toothbrush. Dental tools are necessary to fully remove the hard tartar from the teeth and under the gums.


After your X-rays and cleaning are done, your dentist goes over findings with you. You will learn about any cavities or if you need to floss more to prevent gingivitis. The dentist will tell you about any future possible issues and how to prevent them. Your dentist may also look for signs of oral cancer.

Dental Clinic in Edmonton

Floss Bosses offer affordable dental exams near you. These exams are important to spot oral issues of all kinds and keep you healthy.

We accept dental insurance and offer direct billing. You can make an appointment online or over the phone!

Book your dental exam in Edmonton today!