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Dental Sealants in Edmonton

Dental Sealants Near You

The molars and premolars in the back of our mouths constantly trap food and bacteria. These deep grooves are called pits and fissures, and cavities can easily form in these areas. Nearly 60 percent of 12 to 19-year-olds have or have had a cavity. Pain-free dental sealants from the best dental clinic in Edmonton can help!

Dental sealant is a film painted onto the grooves of your teeth to prevent cavities. The smoothened molars become easier to clean than the pits and fissures. In turn, cavities are less likely to form.

dental sealants in Edmonton

Getting Dental Sealants in Edmonton

Are dental sealants for you? Multiple benefits accompany the easy procedure, and it is safe for all ages.

Preventing cavities in baby teeth

Some children are more likely to develop cavities due to genetics. Some individuals are more vulnerable to the bacteria that causes cavities. Some babies have deeper grooves and depressions on their teeth.

Preventing cavities in children and teenagers

As children learn to brush their teeth, dental sealants can help make the process easier. Also, teenagers’ new adult and molar teeth are at higher risk for tooth decay. A sealant to protect the enamel from plaque and food will help preserve their oral health.

Preventing cavities in adults

Sealants do not work on teeth that have already had restoration, but adults can still get the procedure done for other teeth. Especially since as we age, we become more prone to tooth decay.

We offer affordable dental sealants near you.

Edmonton Dental Clinic

Floss Bosses is a dental clinic in Edmonton. We offer online bookings and flexible business hours! You can find us at 6958 76 Ave NW Suite 207, Edmonton, AB T6B 2R2, Canada.

We have a direct billing program and accept dental insurance. If you have any questions about insurance or the simple procedure, contact us.

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