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Our Team

anitka e helliker

Ms. Anitka E Helliker BSc RDH

I am the founder / owner of Floss Bosses. I’ve been practicing Dental Hygiene in Edmonton for over 18 years. I earned Bachelor of Science degree with Specialty in Molecular Genetics in 2002 (University of Alberta) & Diploma in Dental Hygiene with distinction in 2002 (University of Alberta).

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merry yoon

Ms. Merry Yoon BSc BA RDH

I am an undeniable tooth nerd. I love to share my passion for all things tooth, gums, and mouth with anyone who will listen. For the past 18 years, I have been engaging Edmontonians in their oral health, and waging war on the evil gingivitis and periodontal disease.

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meghann horricks dip

Ms. Meghann Horricks Dip – DH RDH

Meghann Horricks Dip DH RDH I have been working in Edmonton and area for the last 12 years and am passionate about my role in oral healthcare. My strengths and focus are making you feel comfortable and informing you about the status of your oral health. I am also currently expanding my skills in using a soft tissue laser. I have wanted to work as an independent dental hygienist since I graduated and I can’t wait to meet you! My spare time hobbies include ball hockey, skiing, and guitar

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Our Floss Bosses Team