My name is Kelly, and I grew up on the beautiful islands of British Columbia. Since moving to Edmonton, I’ve had the privilege of joining the team at Floss Bosses, where I’ve started a rewarding journey in oral health with passionate and wonderful colleagues like Anitka.

Dental hygiene and oral health awareness are not just my profession—they are my passion. I am dedicated to promoting overall health, understanding that oral health is intrinsically linked to systemic health. By learning about each patient’s unique health history and challenges, we can identify the root causes of their concerns and develop effective solutions.

I hold a degree in Dental Hygiene, with a specialization in periodontal disease treatment. I also provide laser services, restorative treatments, and am currently pursuing certification as an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist.

I am excited to be here, eager to meet new patients, and look forward to contributing to the exceptional care we provide at Floss Bosses.