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Myofunctional Clinic

Cultivating Healthy Habits: Welcome to Our Myofunctional Therapy Clinic

At our Myofunctional Therapy Clinic at Floss Bosses, we prioritize holistic oral wellness through personalized care and innovative therapies. Our dedicated team is committed to addressing various oral dysfunctions and breathing-related issues, empowering our patients to achieve optimal oral health and improved overall well-being.

Who is a Candidate for Treatment at the Myofunctional Clinic?

Candidates for myofunctional therapy are individuals who exhibit orofacial myofunctional disorders—abnormal patterns of muscle function and incorrect habits involving the tongue, lips, jaw, and face. Myofunctional therapy aims to address these issues and promote proper orofacial muscle function.

Potential candidates for myofunctional therapy include:

Children who exhibit issues with facial and oral muscle development, such as tongue thrust, thumb sucking, or improper swallowing patterns, may benefit from myofunctional therapy to encourage proper development.

Individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment, especially those with malocclusions or bite issues, may be candidates for myofunctional therapy. Addressing improper muscle function can complement orthodontic interventions for more effective and lasting results.

Individuals with speech or language disorders that stem from orofacial muscle dysfunction may benefit from myofunctional therapy. This therapy can help improve articulation and overall speech patterns.

Candidates experiencing temporomandibular joint issues or jaw pain related to muscle dysfunction may find relief through myofunctional therapy. Correcting muscle imbalances can contribute to improved TMJ function.

Individuals with snoring or sleep apnea issues, which may be linked to improper muscle function in the throat and oral cavity, could benefit from myofunctional therapy to strengthen muscles and reduce airway obstruction during sleep.

Candidates with breathing difficulties, particularly those related to mouth breathing or nasal airway issues, may benefit from myofunctional therapy to encourage proper breathing through the nose and improve overall respiratory function.

Individuals who have undergone certain oral or facial surgeries, such as jaw surgery or cleft palate repair, may be candidates for myofunctional therapy as part of their post-surgical rehabilitation.

Individuals experiencing chronic headaches or facial pain that may be associated with muscle tension or improper muscle function could explore myofunctional therapy as a potential treatment.

It’s important for candidates to undergo a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified myofunctional therapist or healthcare professional to assess their specific orofacial issues and determine the appropriateness of myofunctional therapy. The therapy typically involves exercises, behavior modification, and neuromuscular training to correct muscle dysfunction and promote optimal orofacial function.

Myofunctional Therapy Services

Comprehensive sessions to understand individual needs and chart a personalized treatment plan.


Utilizing advanced techniques such as measurements, videos, intraoral and extraoral pictures to precisely evaluate and monitor progress throughout the therapy journey.


Specialized interventions to address and alleviate snoring issues for better sleep quality.


Techniques and therapies to transition from mouth breathing to healthier nasal breathing patterns.

Mouth Breathing Management

Targeted exercises and therapies to address poor muscle tone and posture, contributing to improved oral function.

Muscle Tone and Posture Improvement

Dedicated therapies to manage and improve various breathing-related concerns and sleep-disordered breathing conditions.


Tailored interventions to address and manage OSA for better sleep quality and overall health.

Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (1)

Strategies to manage and mitigate teeth grinding or clenching issues.

Grinding or Clenching Solutions

Therapies aimed at addressing TMJ dysfunctions related to muscle tensions and discomfort.

Muscle-Related TMJ Dysfunctions

Specialized training and guidance in Buteyko breathing techniques for enhanced breathing and overall wellness.

Gum Disease Clinic_3

Incorporating the Myo Munchee device to assist in myofunctional therapy exercises for improved oral function.

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We Look Forward to Treating You!

Our commitment is to provide personalized care and evidence-based therapies, guiding our patients towards healthier oral habits and enhanced overall wellness. Join us at the Myofunctional Therapy Clinic, where we strive to empower you on the journey to optimal oral health and improved quality of life.