Orofacial Myology Disorders in Edmonton

Lip Tie Treatment Near You

A lip tie is when the upper lip is attached to the gums, making lip movement difficult. Babies are born with this condition, and it’s considered an orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD). An OMD is when the muscles and the functions of the face and mouth are abnormal. The position of the jaw, tongue, or lips can impede facial structure, function, and growth.

Floss Bosses has a dental clinic in Edmonton that can help with OMD treatments.

orofacial myology disorders in edmonton

Reasons for OMD

All ages can suffer from OMDs. They can interfere with the development of different muscles and bones of the mouth and face. If someone has an OMD, they might struggle with talking, swallowing, or breathing through their nose. There are a few common causes for OMDs.

Blocked Nasal Passages

Sometimes, tonsils can become infected or enlarged. When tonsils get too large, they can block our airways and make breathing out of the nose difficult. Allergies can also block nasal passageways.

Prolonged Oral Habits

If a child is sucking on their thumbs and fingers for an extended period, their mouth structure can become compromised. Moreover, they are at risk for developing an OMD if they use pacifiers or bottles for too long.

Genetic and Structural Factors

Many individuals diagnosed with an OMD have tissues that interfere with the nasal airway or other structural factors such as weaker muscles. Babies can be born tongue-tied, meaning that the tip of their tongue is fused to the floor of their mouth. We do offer tongue-tie treatment in Edmonton.

Symptoms of OMD

Some of the symptoms we look for at our dental clinic in Edmonton are dental abnormalities and speech distortion. Many individuals with an OMD have a frontal lisp and overjet teeth (when the upper front teeth protrude forward).

Individuals sometimes push their tongues against or between their teeth while talking or swallowing, called “tongue thrust.” Eating, drinking, and talking become more difficult.

Treatment and Evaluation

A speech-language pathologist may suggest that you see a dentist. The dentist can look at the dental structures and movement of the jaw.

Treatment is different for every individual. Children will need closer attention and help to follow their prescribed exercises.

Floss Bosses

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