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Teeth Cleaning

teeth cleaning

Dental cleaning, a term every dental hygienist (RDH) dreads to hear.

Why is this? Honestly, who likes to clean?

Cleaning is, in my opinion, one of the most mundane tasks we all have to do. I’d rather go for a long walk with my dogs, write my blog, hang out with family and friends.

Back to the dreaded cleaning. How is cleaning related to dentistry?

It’s an archaic term that simplifies all the treatments involved.

In Best Kept Secret, I define what RDHs do.

Teeth cleaning involves assessment, diagnose and non-surgically treatment of gum disease. It includes many different treatments.

A typical teeth cleaning appointment at Floss Bosses includes:

  • an dental exam and periodontal exam
  • x-rays (if required)
  • Laser Bacteria Reduction
  • debridement (may required more than one appointment depending on the amount of calculus and gum health status
  • laser treatment (if required)
  • prophylaxis / polish
  • fluoride / desensitization if required.

According to Canadian Dental Association, 7 out of 10 Canadians have had gum disease in their life time. It is a disease that slowly poisons the body. Don’t worry you won’t drop dead from it. It will slowly affect how your heart, lungs, kidney and brain (CDHA). It doesn’t hurt, therefore, it is usually ignored.

Teeth cleaning is a treatment that prevents and treats gum disease.

Why do dental hygienists not like the term “teeth cleaning“? In my opinion, it doesn’t convey the message of a very important and life saving treatment and prevention therapy. It doesn’t have the urgency it requires to emphasize how this set of treatments affect the systemic health and all the links between gum disease and overall health.

DH debridement includes preventative therapy management therapy, periodontal therapy.

At Floss Bosses, we use the term periodontal therapy for anyone that has had gum disease or dental hygiene treatment for healthy patients.

Next time you go for your “teeth cleaning“ appointment, make sure to listen to cues like bleeding and puffy gums, ask for measurements. Ask if you need a cleaning OR gum therapy? Is it routine maintenance or an actual treatment of infected areas.

At Floss Bosses, If finances are a concern, we recommend to focus on a troubled area every 3 months rather than doing full hygiene therapy once a year without focusing on the problem.

Oral Health is linked to your systemic health! Let’s make it what it actually is and finally combat gum disease.