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Will Dental Implants Last a Lifetime?

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will dental implants last a lifetime

You’ve taken the first step on the road to better teeth! When people think about getting dental implants, one of the most frequent questions that comes to their minds is, “Will they last a lifetime?” This is sensible, knowing the substantial monetary and psychological consequences of such extensive dental treatment.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential in an era when having a bright smile may make you feel more confident and light up the room. Due to the abundance of goods, techniques, and advice, dental care can be intimidating. That’s the reason we’re here: to make things easier and give you an ample amount of useful information, useful suggestions, and effective tactics.

Whether your goal is to keep your breath fresh, avoid cavities, or just make your smile look better with the help of a dental implant or another dental treatment, the advice of an experienced dental hygienist in Edmonton is extremely beneficial. Don’t hesitate to contact our local dental professional today.

Are Dental Implants Long-Lasting?

Fortunately, dental implants are made to be a strong and long-lasting alternative to natural teeth. The fact that many patients have benefited from dental implants for several decades without encountering major problems speaks loudly about their outstanding track record.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that, depending on certain factors, not all implants will last for an extended period. Variables like general health, lifestyle decisions, and dental cleanliness, can affect their lifespan.

Maintaining good oral hygiene, leading a healthy lifestyle, and having frequent dental visits can help prolong the life of your dental implants. To maximize implant longevity, get help immediately if you have concerns.

Whether you are looking for implant care in Edmonton or need professional guidance on implant care in the area, our team can help you maintain your dental health and extend the life of your implants.

What Leads to Implant Failure?

  • Poor Oral Hygiene: One major factor contributing to implant failure is improper dental care. Dental hygienists recommend routine cleanings, flossing, and brushing of dental implants in order to prevent gum disease and infections.
  • Smoking: It is proven that smoking increases the likelihood of implant failure. It can decrease the bone structure supporting the implant, reduce the chance of infection, and impede the healing process.
  • Medical challenges: Diabetes mellitus and autoimmune disorders are two examples of problems that can affect how well dental implants work.
  • Implant Misuse: An implant may become damaged or fail if you use it for something it wasn’t intended for, such as biting hard objects or opening bottles.
  • Poor Bone Quality: The stability of your dental implant may be impacted by poor bone quality or density. Before placing an implant in such a scenario, bone grafting might be required.
  • Inexperienced Dentist: Our dentist’s expertise and experience are crucial to the outcome of your implant. The selection of a competent expert is crucial.

Whether you are looking for a dental hygienist near you or need professional guidance on implant care in the area, our team is here to provide the support you need to keep your mouth healthy and your implants functional for as long as possible.

How Should I Handle a Failed Implant?

Looking for immediate attention from a dental hygienist in your area or an Edmonton dentist is imperative if you feel any discomfort or suspect implant failure. Early discovery and action frequently aid rescue efforts.

Addressing any underlying problems, thinking about replacement possibilities, and removing the implant may all be part of the treatment for a failed implant. Our dentist will evaluate your specific circumstances and recommend the best course of action when it comes to restoring your oral health. Maintaining your dental implants requires access to quality implant care near you.

Our team of professionals is here to offer you the support you require to maintain the health of your mouth and the life span of your implants.

Floss Bosses: Your Path to a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Dental implants have a significant chance of lasting a lifetime, although this cannot be guaranteed. Our committed staff is here to offer you the advice and treatment required to maintain the health of your teeth and increase the longevity of your implants.

Ensure good oral hygiene, lead a responsible lifestyle, and schedule routine examinations with an Edmonton dental hygienist in order to extend their anticipated lifespan. Ask for professional help if you run into any medical issues or think your implant may need improvement.