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floss bosses

A dream starts as a seed… in your mind..

A tiny but potent little thing…

With proper care, watering, and just the right support (maybe with a hint of a kick in the butt and negative reinforcement…which believe it to nor you need it to to grow), the idea grows into a massive evergreen tree, the kind with prickly needles that you absolutely cannot ignore anymore.

That’s how Floss Bosses, a dental hygiene clinic idea, came to be!

Floss Bosses became an idea for a clinic to help regain the control over one’s oral health. It came from 17 years of experience of working in a traditional dental setting. It came from daily listening to the patients’ fears and anxiety (not necessarily pain related) about dental offices. Ive been around the block a few time and I have seen it all. The good. The bad. The Ugly. I would like to say, I heard you all!

The Bosses are not only the staff but also the patients who are in charge of their well being. By being educated, informed and given ALL the options, patients make their decisions on how to proceed. By working in collaboration with other professionals, and providing referrals, the patient at Floss Bosses is well taken care of.

At Floss Bosses, we create a New Routine for each and every person, because everyone is Unique.

We cannot stress this enough.

There are many differences between individuals, even if their mouths are the same. These differences maybe  emotional, financial, physical…

We believe in each dental treatment to be tailored to all these differences. It is not just about your mouth!

We believe in creating a space where long-lasting relationships and trust is forged that clients recommend to friends and family.

We believe in creating an environment that is Safe, Affordable, Predictable, Clean & Consistent.

This is why Floss Bosses, a dental hygiene clinic, has been created.

Work in progress. One space at a time. One tooth at a time.

Slowly but surely we are getting things done!

Follow us so we can updated you on Floss Bosses journey…

From a Seed to a Dream to, finally, a reality!


Anitka E Helliker

Floss bosses dental clinicFloss Bosses mug

We have a mug, therefore, we are!