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Dental Benefits

dental benefits

Dental Insurance

Happy Fall to you all!

Just like that 2021 is almost over. With this so are insurance benefits. Many dental insurances run on calendar year.

What this means is if you haven’t used your dental benefits, you will lose them at the end of the year.

Dental Insurance is not transferable to the following year. This is especially important to know for patients with gum disease problems.

Reminder! 7 out of 10 Canadians have gum disease.

Some dental services like exams, stain removal / polishing, x-rays, fluoride are covered every 6, 9 or 12 months.

Scaling and root planing (RP) (the two procedures grouped as dental cleaning) on the other hand, is recorded by units of time. One unit of time is up to 15 minutes.

Many insurance plans cover anywhere between 6-14 units of scale and RP. Some dental insurance have unlimited coverage for these procedures per year.

On average, a healthy adult coming every 6 months may require 3 units of scale. Even if you have only 6 units of scale / RP a year, you still can come in twice a year.

Don’t snooze and lose.

Ultimately, someone pays for these insurance premiums. If you are an average Canadian and need that cleaning to maintain or treat your gum health book your dental cleaning now.

If you haven’t had your dental cleaning done this year, even more so for you to book.

If you don’t have a dental clinic, try us, Floss Bosses, dental differently. Every patient exam & cleaning comes with in-office whitening. We stand behind our treatment, therefore, we chose to provide you with in-office whitening rather than just send you home with a whitening kit. We want you to see the results.

Make a festive exit out of year 2021 with exam, teeth cleaning & whitening at Floss Bosses.

Your. New. Routine.